"Your health is your most precious possession"
Despite all the technology and wonderful things the modern world seems to offer, many of us find that our lives are increasingly busy and complex. Often with just too much going on, too many demands on us, and trying to achieve so much.

The result, we feel mentally tired, physically exhausted and emotionally drained.

Or maybe you're going through a difficult time or set of circumstances which is making you feel low, lacking in energy and unable to move forward. It may be a current event, or possibly something in the past which has reared its ugly head again.

Our quality of life depends so much on our emotional and mental state.

The range of consultations and therapies I offer allow you to not only promote and maintain a general feeling of wellbeing, but also to address specific issues that you may currently be experiencing.
Here to restore & maintain the balance of your mind, body & soul
Where & how I can help you?
I offer consultations and therapies either at my practice in Woodley, or if you prefer in the comfort and convenience of your own home at a time to suit you.

Home visits available in the
following areas:
Consultations & therapies
Woodley / Charvil / Sonning
Twyford / Hurst / Wargrave
Henley-on-Thames / Shiplake
Winnersh / Wokingham
Indian Head Massage
Mindful Therapy
Talking Therapy
All enquiries, consultations and visits are treated in the strictest of confidence, and my professional approach put your goals, interests and needs as paramount.

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